Things I “Love”…


As I was reflecting on my first post I couldn’t help but notice a startling statistic: I used the word “hate” 9 times. I’ll admit, that’s excessive. I also feel great remorse, and the need to right my wrong. 

I have compiled a list of things that I “love”, to compensate for my previous hatred. You’ll notice that I have the word “love” surrounded by floating equal signs, rotated 90 degrees clockwise. (Some quotation marks are curved, but mine, for whatever reason, are straight – and thus resemble equal signs) 

I put “love” in this context because this isn’t an agape love. I wouldn’t sacrifice my life for the things on this list. This list describes things for which I have a very conditional, selfish love. Our culture throws out the word “love” too much, and I hate that. (I’m digressing into exactly what I was trying to avoid) 

Here’s your caveat: these things aren’t necessarily my favorite. I don’t look forward to them everyday. Maybe this list would be better titled, “Things I value higher than other people, that I consider underrated, and that you probably think are weird”, but then you wouldn’t have clicked on it. But you’re here now, so thanks. 

Things I “love” –

Getting into a hot car

Waking up super thirsty in the night

When two car doors shut simultaneously 

When people lipsync songs in public 

Wet spaghetti

“Unwritten” by Natasha Bettingfield

Pajama shorts


Gift shops

When kids sing on songs

When janitors know what key to use on the huge keychain they have

Marsh brand iced sugar cookies

Tackle boxes

Male accapella groups 

Eavesdropping on intelligent conversations

The smell after vacuuming carpet

New jars of peanut butter

Racquet balls

Sunflower seeds (in shell)

Tracking packages

The smell of rice bags

When older people call me “buddy”

Sitting on carpet floors

Beef jerky

Chewing gum for 5+ hours 

Chips and salsa 

Slightly burnt pepperoni 

Rye chips in chex mix 

Ice in orange juice 

Sara Bareilles 

People giving blank stares 


Squishy caulk in between cracks

Women over 40 in pastel colored pants 

Puttputt courses

Diagonally mowed lawns 

Neighborhoods with gradually sloping smooth curved curbs 

The first three minutes of Dubble Bubble

When people yawn and talk 

White rice 

Men’s dress shirts with a different colored collar 

Rearranging furniture 

When the last clue on Jeopardy is the daily double, and the previous questioned wasn’t answered correctly, so someone just gets it handed to them

Rinsing off a hot skillet 

When you have the perfect portion of Ketchup

Grilled cheese

Sweet tea

Secret compartments 

Crane games

When people hold coffee mugs with two hands 

Next – maybe a hate list? We’ll see. 

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